Project You: A Personal Development and Leadership Experience
Saturday, June 7th : 8:00AM – 12:00PM, $49.00

On Saturday, June 7th, business owners, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and other leaders will gather for an event that is the first of its kind in Metro Detroit. ‘Project You’ features a team of speakers who are high-energy life changers. Motivational speakers gathering to bring Detroit a life changing experience! The team is passionate about giving each individual the keys to change their own life. This event is presented by Prime3Coaching, which focuses on teaching individuals to develop who they are today so they can be who they need to be tomorrow.


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One of the three featured speakers at this event is Jedidiah Thurner. Jedidah is a powerful voice with a desire to ignite passionate cultural catalysts and activate the destinies of this generation’s world changers. He travels both nationally and internationally ministering at churches, schools, conferences, and citywide crusades.

Les Gold is the New York Times Bestselling author of For What it’s Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker and an accomplished speaker. He is an iconic Detroit story. Gold started American Jewelry and Loan in 1981, having worked in his grandfather’s pawnshop since he was a child and is now one of the most widely recognized pawnbrokers in the world.

Josh Schneider, the founder of Prime3Coaching recently relocated to Metro Detroit from New York. His journey towards speaking and coaching was due to the unlocking and discovering of his own passions and strengths. Josh truly comes alive on stage, as he passionately releases the dreams of those in the audience. He pushes through all barriers until each person realizes they were born to achieve greatness.


If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn’t need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around. – Jim Rohn


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Do you know how to best market who you are? Are you searching for your WHY or purpose in life? Do you struggle with staying engaged/committed to your personal goals, your business, or your sales goals? Are you ready to take your life from 60MPH to 90MPH?




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This is a post from Michael Hyatt. I am taking 0, none, nil, zip, zadda credit for this but it’s something that is too valuable not to pass on to you. I’ve read this post at least 10 times and started to go to work on some of these questions over the last few weeks.




Gail and I just returned last night from Experts Academyin Santa Clara, California. This four-day event is hosted by Brendon Burchard, author of The Millionaire Messenger. It is one of the top three events I have ever attended.

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In addition to Brendon—who is perhaps the most energetic and inspiring presenter I have ever heard—we heard from several surprise speakers. These included Marie ForleoJeff WalkerChalene Johnson, and Marianne Williamson. I took notes non-stop for four days. While I didn’t agree with everything, I learned from everyone.


In addition to the remarkable speakers, we got to interact with other authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs, all dedicated to defining, developing, and deploying their expertise to the world.

And we didn’t just sit and listen. Brendon gave us numerous exercises, designed to help us work through the material and apply it to our business. After each presentation, we worked on our own for a few minutes and then gathered in impromptu groups of four or five to present our work and get one another’s input. It was very effective—almost like a mini-mastermind.

Brendon’s basic premise is that we are all experts. There is something you (yes, YOU) know or can do that others will pay you to learn. The seminar was all about how to create and market information products—ebooks, books, webinars, online courses, coaching, seminars, membership sites, etc.

I especially enjoyed the day we spent on promotion. Brendon and Jeff Walker went into detail on how they launch their various products, including the positioning, strategy, video scripts, etc. They also shared the technology tools they use.

As I was reviewing my notes yesterday on the plane coming home, I boiled everything down to five commitments I have made as a result of what I learned. I thought you might benefit from this information.

  1. Own and declare my expertise. This is really the culmination of something I have been working on for the last six months. I’m not quite done, but I am close. Right now, here is how I express what it is that I do:
    I help leaders leverage their influence using both traditional and new media, so they can expand their reach, maximize their impact, and achieve their biggest goals.

    This serves as an umbrella for everything I teach. Brendon calls this “claiming your expertise.”

  2. Reengineer my business to serve my life. I have never worked harder than I have in the last two years. While I love it, and the results have been phenomenal (almost 100% revenue growth in the last twelve months), it is not sustainable personally. I must continue to prune from my life the tasks I can delegate to others.

    In addition, one decision I have made is to cut the number of speaking engagements I do per year from thirty to ten. I just can’t justify the investment of time and energy. I have to come off the road if I am going to achieve my goals, both personally and professionally.

  3. Schedule more time for personal development. Last week, I bought Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formula.” I want to systematically work through the videos and really master his marketing system.

    While I spend the first few hours of each morning going through a personal development ritual, I am going to get started a little earlier so I can work through Jeff’s course. I have been trying to read and study in the evening, but that just isn’t working for me. I’m either too tired or the time gets hijacked by something else.

    I think I will be better served by going to bed even earlier and getting up earlier. For me, an hour in the morning when I am rested and fresh is worth far more than an hour in the late evening.

  4. Plan and protect my creative time. This is key. The more my business grows, the more I opportunities I get. However, these opportunities can quickly turn to threats unless they are managed well.

    The truth is, I don’t need more ideas or opportunities. What I need is more time for implementation. I already organize my week into daily themes, but I am now working to organize my month into weekly themes, too. (I plan to dedicate a future post to this.)

    Another key is to only take meetings on Friday’s. I learned this from Don Miller, and it has been the best thing I have ever done in terms of my creative output. However, in recent months, I have grown slack. I am working with my assistant to be more vigilant.

  5. Focus on fewer products and more marketing. I don’t know why I feel the need to create more products. Geesh. I have plenty already, plus another half dozen in the pipeline. It’s time to get off the hamster wheel!

    Instead, I need more intentional and strategic marketing. This is really a matter of stewardship. I have only reached a fraction of the market I want to impact.

    By the way, don’t expect to see fewer products from me in the next few months. As I mentioned, several products are in the pipeline, and will launch as planned. I’m really talking about my own creative workflow going forward.

I hope this behind-the-scenes look at my learning process is helpful. Like you, I am working hard to get better at what I do. I am passionate about serving my audience well.

By the way, if you are interested in learning more about Experts Academy, clickhere. Brendon’s free promotional content—even if you don’t ever attend the event—is better than most people’s paid content.




There are two types of sugar

Fructose: It occurs naturally in fresh fruits, giving them their sweetness. Because fructose is very sweet, fruit contains relatively small amounts, which is very easily handled. Unfortunately, toda’ys current diet is extremely high in fructose, which is present in many processed foods,pop, baked goods, crackers, canned goods, and many others. The entire burden of breaking down fructose falls on your liver, where excess fructose is quickly converted into fat, which explains the weight gain and abdominal obesity experienced by so many people. Fructose is the primary cause of non-alcoholic fatty liver and elevates uric acid, which raises your blood pressure, stresses your kidneys, and leads to the chronic, low-level inflammation that is at the core of most chronic diseases

Glucose: The other type of sugar is glucose, which is the most common form of carbohydrate. When you eat starches, your body converts them to glucose, which raises blood sugar levels and supplies your body with energy. When your body breaks down glucose it causes a rise in blood sugar. In order to return your blood sugar to a normal level, the pancreas releases insulin. The insulin carries the glucose to the cells that need extra energy, storing any remaining energy in long-term storage (a.k.a. FAT cells). This can result in the chronically elevated blood glucose levels found in type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome.


In the 1800s the average american consumed 9tsps(45g) of sugar over a 5 day span which is equal to one can of pop. Currently Americans consume 153tsps(3.19 cups)(765g) over a 5 day span which is equivalent to 17 cans of pop.

The American Heart Association recommends:

  • Children – 4tsps/day(20g)
  • Women – 6tsps/day(30g) 
  • Men – 9 tsps/day(45g)

Snickers Bar: 30g = 6tsps (Fulfills all of a women’s requirement)
Skittles: 47g = 9.5tsps (Fulfills all of a man’s requirement)
Mt Dew 20oz: 77g = 15.4 tsps (Over double a women’s daily requirement and almost double a mans daily requirement)
Snapple Lemon 16oz: 46g = 9.2tsps (Fulfills all of a mans requirement)

What to Do:
When you want something sweet, what can you do? Try some natural sweetness from a piece of fruit, or a smoothie. You may also enjoy stevia (different brands taste better than others. I like NuNaturals), which is a sweet herb or xylitol, which is a sugar alcohol that has negligible effect on blood sugar levels. So many people think fat is the cause of weight gain, when in all reality our body  needs healthy fat. The REAL culprit is sugar. Start small and gradually move from processed sweets and pop to health choices like fruit!

Why does man normally speed up when he feels lost in life? We are confused with what our purpose is so we join 25 clubs, sign up to volunteer at the local shelter, and offer to take care of the neighborhood lawn.

What are we thinking? It is so easy to feel desperate and hopeless that by filling our time it OCCUPIES our mind but does NOT solve the issue at hand. When you are at the point of feeling stuck it is the best time to hit the brakes. Take a day or take a week and really let yourself THINK about what you want. If you don’t give your mind the time to process life you will continually chase after things and fill your time with activities that will not bring you closer to your purpose.

If you physically cannot take an entire day or an entire week then commit 10 minutes a day to sitting in silence and reflecting. PLEASE. You do not want to get to the end of your life and wonder what happened with it.

Have you struggled with the pursuit of your dream?
Have you seen the struggle to break free as an impossible one – as something only the lucky or the fortunate do?

I want to tell you something…something i’m sure you’ve heard before but maybe you haven’t. That you’re life is important. That your life has purpose, value, meaning. It’s a life of substance.

I love the idea that there are parts of you that aren’t perfect but there are also parts of you that are REALLY FREAKING AWESOME.

Picture this with me: you have an idea of what you want to do, maybe even just a glimpse of what your future COULD be. But you’ve primarily avoided it – you’ve ignored it. you’ve stayed stuck not developing who you are. not identifying who you are and the value you can bring to this world and every morning you go to starbucks like your normally do…

but this morning you bump into someone and as you turn and see them…and they look familiar….they just keep looking at you and you staring back…now it’s getting borderline awkward – then you realize…as a tear runs down your face/// it’s who you’re supposed to be – the person you just ran into is who you’re supposed to be.

Is this story made up….sure

I want you to know the biggest tragedy in life is running into someone who you’re supposed to be.

I was standing in front of a crowd and I simply said, “How heavy do you think this glass of water is?” They responded with a wide array of answers somewhere between 10oz and 50oz. I told each and every one of them that they were WRONG.

The weight of the glass of water is determined by how LONG the person tries to hold it. If I had you hold it for a minute you would probably tell me it was light, but after holding it for two hours I might guess you would be dying to set it down.

So what does water have to do with STRESS?
If you go through the day lugging around all your burdens they are going to become extremely heavy. You will feel fatigued, stressed, anxious, lonely, hopeless. EVENTUALLY when the burden becomes to heavy you won’t be able to function. Just like the glass of water if we give ourselves a break by setting the glass down on a table when we pick it up again it miraculously feels light.


SET YOUR BURDENS DOWN. Even if you only have 15 minutes a day use that time to journal, clear your mind, forget about work, take a walk. You must give your mind and body rest.  Put down anything that might be a burden to you and promise me you won’t pick it back up again until you are ready.

Let me tell you something. IF YOU DON’T ASK YOU WON’T KNOW.

You can read article after article about how important it is to reward your employees, to motivate them using financial compensation, and to praise them when they have done a “good” job. And honestly I believe in this. I have tried applying this for a veryyy long time and was getting frustrated at why my strategy wasn’t working.

Just the other day I said to Jenna, “Okay for every speaking engagement you book I will give you a certain sum of money”. To my surprise she was not excited, nor did she seem intrigued by this awesome offer. It led me to some time of reflection and really trying to figure out how I was going to motivate her and provide incentives and encouragement. I never thought to ASK.

With this thought I headed to the room and simply asked, “Jenna what motivates you?”. She said” A kombucha and Kale chips would probably be the best reward for me”. WHAT? That costs like 7 dollars. Your’e saying for 7 dollars I can motivate you, encourage you, and move the business forward.


POINT: Do not give incentives and rewards based on what is important to YOU ask your employees what is important to THEM. Because honestly, I just saved a TON of money.