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This is a guest post by Jenna Schneider. She is my wife and is very passionate about taking care of our bodies and preserving our health!


Taking care of yourself is essential if you truly want to reach your #NEXTLEVEL. Your body will decide how much you can give to life and your business. When you take care of your body it shows you are a motivated and dedicated individual.  No one wants to do work with the guy who heads home, grabs his bag of chips, and plops in front of the TV.  Laziness does not trump motivated.  Be the guy you want to work with. The guy who grabs the salad and soup for lunch and hits the gym before work.

You have probably set a resolution to work out more or to eat healthier but it seems two weeks after and these ideas are tossed out the door. WHY? Because you get lost in your business.  You say, “I don’t have time for the gym I need to work” or “Work is really stressing me out today if I just get that burger maybe I will be relaxed and can finally get some work done”. HELLO.  You NEED to make sure your body is ready for what your mind has envisioned. “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

Reasons why you should put health (physical and emotional) on your to-do list:

  • “Endorphin Rush”: You know when you have your favorite drink at the bar and you just feel good… hit the gym for the same feeling. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins.
  • IF you can exercise in the morning it will allow you some time alone to just think and relax. You can create your mental to-do list, that will prepare you for the day ahead.
  • When you eat healthy not only does your body thank you, but all of a sudden you feel good about yourself because you had enough self control to choose the salad over the burger.  INCREASE in self esteem!
  • Be an example to those around you: when you are making healthy choices those around you will most likely jump on the bandwagon.  All of a sudden people see you as a healthy individual and look to you to help them stay on course.
  • If you take care of your body and your mind it shows you are diligent enough to take care of your clients and customers.


Tips to help you ACTUALLY keep health on your to do-list: 

  • If  you decide you want to start working out pick a realistic goal. Don’t say I will go to the gym 5 days a week… say I will go to the gym 1 day a week and when you can do that then move forward with many 2 days a week etc. etc.
  • Accountability: Tell someone you trust what your health goals are and check in with them weekly. Also share your struggles because we all know it isn’t easy. Make sure this person is encouraging and helps you stick to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Spend the money now to take care of yourself.  You would spend money to go a conference to learn so you should DEFINITELY spend the money on healthy food and a gym membership to prolong your health.

When choosing to live a healthy lifestyle start with BABY STEPS.  It can be extremely overwhelming when you read about all the different foods you should be eating and work outs you should be doing. Make one change at a time instead of trying to implement them all. Also, don’t become discouraged…1 week of healthy isn’t going to reverse 25 years of unhealthy. Be patient!  YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS YOU TO CHOOSE HEALTH. In 20 years when all your dreams have come to fruition you will chug that green protein shake, and eat your salad with pride.  



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  • http://www.porchperfect.com Karen Hobson

    I enjoyed reading your posts And, you are so right. I am guilty of putting exercise at the bottom of the list every day and most days, it gets forgotten. I have recently launched my website…porchperfect.com…and getting to the NEXT LEVEL has been a challenge. If the time spent on how to figure out the maze of the Internet world and the key to driving traffic to my site were considered exercise, I would be in tiptop shape. Thanks for reminding me that our bodies really are a temple worth taking care of.